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Sostenuto Final Conference: JOIN US ON STREAMING

January 13, 2012

After 3 years of cooperation, the University of Valencia and its department on Cultural Economics – partner of the SOSTENUTO project – will organise the final conference of this project, next 19th and 20th January, in Valencia, under the title:

Culture on the frontlines: unveiling the keys to social and economic innovation in the Med space”.

 This conference will be the opportunity to present the Green Book written during the project. It is made up of two parts:

– a modelling of the relationship between culture, creativity, innovation and territory in Europe, and particularly in the Med Space;

– a collective contribution to the implementation of the social component of the Strategy EU 2020. This part will gather articles on: Economy, Cultural Rights, New Indicators for Wealth, Common Goods.

The themes at the core of this Green Book will be the main lines for this conference; they will aim to open the debate on the necessity to rethink the place of culture in regards to the major changes faced by our societies.


Study on the contribution of culture to local and regional development – Evidence from the Structural Funds

October 19, 2010

Following an open call for tender, the European Commission has entrusted the study to the Strategic Centre for European Studies). SCES worked together with ERICARTS.

Culture is an important factor for economic development and local attractiveness of European regions and cities. However, the many ways in which the cultural dimension has been integrated into the framework of EU cohesion and regional policy are still largely unknown.

The study was called to address this gap by providing, first, an overview of the different types of contribution to the objectives of EU cohesion policy since 2000 made by the cultural and creative sector, and, second, a pool of around 50 examples illustrating this contribution.

To know more about the results of this study.


ECONCULT: survey on innovation in the European cultural organisations

October 19, 2010

Cultural Economics Research Unit (ECONCULT) of the University of Valencia, scientific partner of the Sostenuto project,  is launching a survey consisting in a series of short questionnaires addressed to the European cultural organisations. The objective of this survey is to identify the main elements of innovation in the cultural organisations.

The concept of cultural organisation is understood in a wide sense, comprising all kinds of initiatives: public or private; with or without profit and formally recognized or not. All stages of activity are also considered: creation, production, dissemination, exhibition, reception , transmission, consumption and / or participation.

To participate to the survey: Please click here!

For more information, you may contact:

Dr. Pau Rausell Köster:

Dr. Raúl Abeledo: