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2011 Med Programme Event

September 14, 2011

On 19th October, the 2011 Med Programme event will take place in Barcelona. It will offer manifold possibilities to meet and exchange, inform and learn, create and influence.

Snapshot on the programme:

Going SMART in the Med

What is the EU 2020 Strategy aiming for and what specifically does the priority of ‘Smart Growth’ imply? How does this relate to transnational cooperation in the Mediterranean?

Med projects’ innovative approaches

What is about to be developed within Med strategic projects? What has already been reached by classical projects?

Innovation for the future

  • New regulations on Cohesion Policy and affect to European Territorial Cooperation
  • Innovation for the future Med
  • Future Med projects on ‘innovation’ (targeted call)

Project side programme

Projects involved in the thematic panel will provide deeper insight and present concrete results and outputs.

  • BEEMED Forum of Regions and Cities, Mediterranean Building Energy Efficiency Improvement.




Study on the contribution of culture to local and regional development – Evidence from the Structural Funds

October 19, 2010

Following an open call for tender, the European Commission has entrusted the study to the Strategic Centre for European Studies). SCES worked together with ERICARTS.

Culture is an important factor for economic development and local attractiveness of European regions and cities. However, the many ways in which the cultural dimension has been integrated into the framework of EU cohesion and regional policy are still largely unknown.

The study was called to address this gap by providing, first, an overview of the different types of contribution to the objectives of EU cohesion policy since 2000 made by the cultural and creative sector, and, second, a pool of around 50 examples illustrating this contribution.

To know more about the results of this study.