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Forum Ready to Change? Interviews on line…

June 1, 2011

In the frame of the Forum Ready to Change?, public event of the Sostenuto project that has taken place in Ljubljana (December 2010), Réseau Culture 21 has realised film interviews. You can see on line:

  • Hélène Combe, sociologist and political scientist, general directorate of the Observatory for the Public Decision (France),
  • Xavier Comtesse, mathematician and computer scientist, director of Avenir Suisse think tank (Switzerland),
  • Jean-Michel Lucas, doctor of Economics Sciences and lecturer at the University of Rennes 2 Haute Bretagne (France)
  • Philippe Mouillon, visual artist, artistic director of Laboratoire,
  • Pau Rausell Köster, economist, doctor and professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Valencia (Spain),
  • Apolonia Sustersic, architect and visual artist, head of the Hustadt project (Slovenia/Germany),
  • Emina Visnic, director of POGON, Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth (Croatia).

Project Garden By The Way, Bunker, Ljubljana

October 7, 2010

Author of the video: Gregor Gobec
»…There was a time once when Tabor park was actually alive, people spent a lot of time outside, they sat on the benches and walked across the promenade. Children knew each other and spent time together. «
Neighbour of the Tabor local district

Faced with new complexities of the present time, a contemporary individual finds himself in perpetual search of new and innovative ways to help him enrich his existence. Attempting to create new spaces in order to enable active cooperation of people in a wider social and cultural context, Bunker correspondingly conceived several projects in the past to fulfil this aim, whereby the project Garden By The Way represents the most recent effort in this direction.

The general idea of the project revolves around urban gardening, an activity comprising and revealing various themes of interest for a contemporary urban subject. The concept of a garden thus serves as a window to a debate on the meaning of space, especially when it comes to the question of green and social surfaces, also touching upon the subjects of ecology, authenticity (being devoured by an all-encompassing commercialization of life), solidarity and the limits to self-sufficiency.

The majority of actions performed within the project’s framework is to remain limited to the area of Ljubljana local district Tabor, the home of Bunker and also a growing entity called Tabor Cultural Quarter thanks to the mutual effort of several organizations within the domain of culture.

Garden by the Way is an action performed within the framework of the Sostenuto project.

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