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Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe (EU Commission)

October 12, 2011

European Commission proposed on 20.09.2011 provisional set of resource efficiency indicators and launched a two-year stakeholder process to further improve them.

Extract from the proposal (Source: EU Commission):

“Europe has enjoyed many decades of growth in wealth and wellbeing, based on intensive use of resources. But today it faces the dual challenge of stimulating the growth needed to provide jobs and well-being to its citizens, and of ensuring that the quality of this growth leads to a sustainable future. To tackle these challenges and turn them into opportunities our economy will require a fundamental transformation within a generation – in energy, industry,agriculture, fisheries and transport systems, and in producer and consumer behaviour. Preparing that transformation in a timely, predictable and controlled manner will allow us to further develop our wealth and wellbeing, whilst reducing the levels and impact of our resource use” (p.2, Policy Paper).

Read the policy paper

Read annex on indicators and targets