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EXPEDITIO: Workshop for drafting projects held for cultural actors of Boka (Montenegro)

November 29, 2011

On Tuesday, 25th October 2011, in the Municipality of Herceg Novi, the Workshop for preparation of draft projects was held for the representatives of cultural sector (mainly from the municipalities of Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi) by EXPEDITIO, Sostenuto partner in charge of the laboratory “Local Governance”. The workshop was held by Mr. Predrag Cvetičanin, who has an extensive experience in project management in culture sector. In focus group discussions held within the preparation process of Local Programmes for the Development of Culture in the Municipalities of Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi 2011-15, particular cultural actors expressed the need for a workshop of this type, and thus EXPEDITIO decided to organize the basic training for acquiring the elementary knowledge on project drafting.

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GREEN PAPER – Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries

October 19, 2010

The contributions to the Green Paper are online.

The objective of this consultation launched by the EU Commission was to gather views on various issues impacting the cultural and creative industries in Europe, from business environment to the need to open up a common European space for culture, from capacity building to skills development and promotion of European creators on the world stage. The responses to the consultation will inform the Commission and help it ensure that EU programmes and policies involving cultural and creative industries are “fit for purpose”.

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ECONCULT: survey on innovation in the European cultural organisations

October 19, 2010

Cultural Economics Research Unit (ECONCULT) of the University of Valencia, scientific partner of the Sostenuto project,  is launching a survey consisting in a series of short questionnaires addressed to the European cultural organisations. The objective of this survey is to identify the main elements of innovation in the cultural organisations.

The concept of cultural organisation is understood in a wide sense, comprising all kinds of initiatives: public or private; with or without profit and formally recognized or not. All stages of activity are also considered: creation, production, dissemination, exhibition, reception , transmission, consumption and / or participation.

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