How to reinforce the cultural sector’s innovation capacity in the Mediterranean zone? How to accompany its mutation towards new economic and social models? How to value its innovation capacity towards decision makers, spatial planners and financers?  

Sostenuto will be tackling these issues: the project aims at testing innovative practices – incubator, cluster, LETSystem, new modes of territorial governance – within the cultural sector, modelling these experiments and fostering their dissemination and their appropriation in the Mediterranean zone and beyond. 

4 laboratories will frame the experiment of 4 innovative modes of organisation and management in the cultural sector:

___a business incubator (Marseille – France) will back up cultural entrepreneurs in the development of their projects with shared services and accompaniment in the structuring and the long term development of their structure; 

___a cluster bringing together enterprises in the arts and craft sector (Chiusi – Italy) will stimulate the development of their competences and economic activities;

___a local exchange trading system (Ljubljana – Slovenia) will allow inhabitants, NGOs and institutions of one of Ljubljana’s district to trade know-how, services and competences;

 ___territorial governance, as a method of consultation (Kotor – Montenegro and Liguria – Italy) will target a better inclusion of the cultural sector in territorial development strategies.

On the basis of these experiments, scenarios will be drawn addressing the necessary conditions for the emergence of new forms of economic and social organisations in the cultural sector. The results will be disseminated at a local level (the partners’ territories), at the regional level (the Mediterranean zone) and at the European level, through various means, and especially: a website, 2 transnational conferences and a Green Paper.


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