Sostenuto Summer School “Europe and Culture in Debate”, Paris (France)

July 18, 2011

Next 31st August, 1st and 2nd of September, Relais Culture Europe will organise a summer school on the theme “Europe and Culture in Debate” in the frame of the Sostenuto project.

The European Union and its Member States are defining currently the political, strategic and budgetary priorities for the next ten years. These negotiations are carried out in a context of multiple crises making difficult to see clearly: How to take into account the worldwide interactions? Which could be our options? In the middle of which challenges could we place culture? More than multiplying the questions and letting think to easy answers, it appears necessary to open the public debate, to exchange ideas, and, thus, to contribute to this crucial moment for the future of Europe. For the first edition of this summer school, the aim is to open very widely the fields of perspective,i.e. to raise the cultural question in Europe in reference to changes in the world.

Mornings: Putting the basis for the debate of idea

Each morning will be proposed a dialogue/debate of 3 hours between two speakers around three major fields of question linking Europe and culture todays: Economic changes? Which model of development? Which basis for a European cultural policy?

Afternoons: Opening the debate of ideas

Each afternoons will be proposed a geographical focus (Balkans, Mediterranean area, Africa). Beyond these three sequences, the programme remains open to any proposal on subjects appearing crucial for this common reflection.


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