CITEMA – Volta La Carta (Italy)

June 17, 2011

In the frame of the Sostenuto project “Thinking culture as a factor of social and economic development”, CITEMA organises the event “Volta la Carta” that will take place on June 18th and 19th in Cetona (SI)

This event, set up together with the partners of Sostenuto and a lot of local partners proposes a playful and convivial approach of the social changes that CITEMA supports, promotes and organises.

The plurality of partners participating to the event reflect the will of CITEMA to involve a large number of actors of the region and actors involved to develop the local area and having a participative and alternative vision.

This event, crossing the fields of economy, culture, social, education, associations, art proposes to the citizens, consumers and pupils, actors of the local area to think, discover, meet and participate.

Saturday the 18th will be dedicated to discovery: round tables, alternative perspective for the region, educational activities for children, show, film, a vernissage etc.. On Sunday 19th, this will be possible to experiment, to exchange on the market-meeting, to discover a route of the region and to pratice handicraft.

See the programme.


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