Sostenuto Forum

June 29, 2010

Culture as a factor of economic and social innovation in the Med space: towards new solidarities in a changing Europe

Forum organised in the framework of the Sostenuto project

1-4 December 2010, Ljubljana

What will be exchanged and shared?

Themes questioning our relationship to society: cultural rights, common goods, new indicators for wealth, new relationships to wealth, poverty and social justice, new forms of governance…

Ideas and projects dedicated to social commitment and to the social and economic transformation of the territories in the Med space and beyond

Playful and poetic artistic and cultural experiences which open and transform our look on the living together

Questions around utopia and imagination

Proposals leading to the writing of a manifesto « Culture, as generator of social innovation in the Med space and beyond »

 At whom is this Forum aimed?

Cultural professionals, artists, actors of the civil society, public institutions, local authorities, elected representatives… are invited to come and debate, testify, exchange and make proposals for the recognition of the cultural and artistic sector as generating social innovation in the territories of the Med space and beyond.

 Who are the organisers?

 This forum is co-organised by the partners of the Sostenuto project – AMI, lead partner, Bunker, Citema, Expeditio, Relais Culture Europe, University of Valencia and Zunino e Partner Progetti. Bunker will be the host partner of the event.


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