Territorial governance: Interviews with cultural policy decision makers at the national and local levels

June 3, 2010

During April and May 2010, Expeditio conducted interviews with representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media of Montenegro, the Municipality of Podgorica and the Municipality of Kotor, as part of the activities within the project “Non-Institutional Partakers of Cultural Policy in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia”.  This is a partner project conducted in cooperation between Expeditio and organizations from Serbia and Macedonia. The leading partner of the project is the Committee for Civic Initiative (Odbor za građansku inicijativu) from Niš, Serbia. The main objective of the project is to research the capacities of key partakers in the independent culture scene in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

The research includes the interviews with cultural policy decision makers at the national and local levels. The interviewed have been asked to give their opinion on the independent cultural scene in their country/city, on attitude of the republic/city governments towards the independent cultural scene, cooperation between public cultural institutions and the independent cultural scene, contribution of the independent cultural scene to the cultural life of the country/city, problems the independent cultural scene encounters and its future.

At the beginning of June 2010, there will be a presentation of the research results held in Podgorica.

The project is funded by the European Cultural Foundation. In Montenegro, the project is implemented as part of the Sostenuto project.

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