Bunker invites to cooperation

June 3, 2010


Ljubljana will celebrate 2010 as a Year of the Book and Bunker therefore invites everyone to cooperate in the project entitled PROGA 10: KNJIGA. The project will place books coming from near and afar on the bookshelves provided at 20 bus stations scattered across Ljubljana. The Ljubljana public transport users and all interested passers-by will be able to borrow books at any of the participating locations, mutually turning the PROGA 10: KNJIGA project into an open library, borrowing and collecting books.
To make this dynamic project happen, books need to be collected first. We therefore address all and everyone to participate by giving away those books you may have read already and now merely serve as dust collectors on your shelves, those books which you were inspired by and have after a while lost their charm for you personally, or those books which you may not need anymore, but can still make someone’s day.

Bunker will be collecting these books every work day between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. or at other times previously arranged at Slomškova 11 in Ljubljana. You can contact us by calling: +386 51 269 906 or writing: bunker@siol.net. The books will also be collected at the Information Office of Ljubljana (the World Book Capital 2010) at Mačkova 1 in Ljubljana every work day between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Project partners: Divja misel, Študentska založba, Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana, Rompom, Bunker Ljubljana




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