Micronomics’call for ideas and participation! Mobile Urban kitchen

March 5, 2010

Since 2006 Micronomics devote to the issue of economic paradoxes, look for answers at the micro scale. In the framework of Sostenuto, Relais Culture Europe has been participating to several events organised by Micronomics.

Micronomics work ranges from architecture and urban planning to cinema, squatting, action research, publishing and debate. Actions take place at the local as well as the international level. The network brings together a wide variety of micro-initiatives ; hence working together internationally is a necessity, as a way to have real impact in a globalised world.

Together with these micro-initiatives, Micronomics proposes to create a MOBILE URBAN KITCHEN  that explores and experiments with what it takes to make food in the city. Call for projects for the construction of urban kitchen modules and related workshops.

Open to all active citizens, creators, artists, activists, virtual public space geeks, engaged researchers, eco-techno-builders, urban gardeners, architects, DIY-ers, inventors, … The Deadline is 15 march
More info : www.citymined.org

Together with other organisation based in 13 European cities, Micronomics initiated a process aiming at changing the way cities are governed and economy is organised and to do so by concrete actions in public space. These actions should be creative and positive.

In may, there will be an open week end, networking and festival on sustainable innovation in Brussels

In september there will be a gathering of the 13 partners in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
From 19 to 21 novembre they will be in Flagey-Brussels for two days of workshops and networking between actors from all over Europe.


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