March 4, 2010

AMI (Marseille, France) is leading the Sostenuto ‘Incubator’ Lab. They organise every year since 2005  a 3 days professional meeting aiming at networking, exchange of information and best practices and formal and informal training.

The fourth professional meeting – POTLATCH 2010 – has been organized in the framework of the Sostenuto project on the theme: short circuits in the cultural field. It has taken place from 23rd to 25th of March in Marseille – France.

There is a wide awareness that cultural industries are essentially hyperconcentrated in some gold triangles, together with media, finances, ministries. In this diagram of industrial exploitation, the conditions of cultural diversity are nowhere garanted. And cultural diversity is the oxygen of emerging creation.
Today, shorter circuits that bring closer artists and audiences start, die, reappear ; the economy of culture is becoming (again?) social and interdependent, co-operatives forms are emerging, and this multiactivism is also bringing some resounding burns out within the complex culturo-industrialist system.
Are these forms sustainable and sober? Do they connect together, beyond their national perimeter? How do they profit  from new technologies? Do they contribute to new modes of local governance? Do they prevent standardized identities, and how? The aim of the fourth POTLATCH was to address these questions …

read more : http://www.amicentre.biz/spip.php?rubrique46

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