Download the whole programme: HERE
The forum READY TO CHANGE – 2-4 December, Ljubljana – will consist of different types of sessions:

Open university

Sharing of knowledge is one of the most important objectives of the Forum:
__How to open up and rethink the evolution of systems of thoughts, values and actions?
__How to undertake the transmission of our knowledge?
We will be organizing an “Open University” that will literally be open for anyone interested in the presented topics, with lectures/debates among intellectuals, researchers, artists and professionals. You will be encouraged to organize your own program, starting with 6 themes of conferences: cultural rights, economy and employment, ecology and biodiversity, wealth and poverty, changes in society, new urbanity.

Exchange of experiences

We believe that one of the better ways of exchanging knowledge is through the exchange of our concrete experiences and examples of practices. That is why we plan the presentation of artistic experiences and we will be illuminating them from different perspectives:  
__How are these experiences opening new forms of relations and interrelations between people?
__How are they implementing new processes of constructions / deconstructions in the artistic projects?
__How can they be transferred or, even better, how can they be pollinated? 
We will be exchanging examples of good practices around 6 topics: nomadic practices, art in context, ephemeral practices, new collectivism, spaces in between, utopia and poetry.

Out of the box?

What are your ideas, your suggestions for engagements, your own projects, outside of the foreseen paths? Out of the box is a space for informal discussion intended for all the participants.  

Clinic of cultural rights

A “cabinet” of legal advice, free of charge, will be available to advise you on your rights.

Workshops of co-writing the “declaration”

We are inviting you to participate each afternoon in co-writing the declaration that will be presented at the end of the Forum to a panel of representatives of civil initiatives and of politicians.




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